Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Ideas

Isn't halloween fun? :) Here are a few fun crafts and recipes that I've found while looking at blogs over the past month.

I love halloween trees. They seem so easy to make and would be great centerpieces! This one is from Martha Stewart. I think they show you how to make the little pumpkins and cats, too.

There are TONS of halloween cupcake ideas out there, but these are my favorites this year. It's surprisingly easy to make decorations out of melted chocolate, and I'm sure you can find these little spiders at any craft store. These were found on Country Living.

My friend Brooke got me hooked on halloween wreaths. Her blog has so many great ideas... click here to see them (and most of them have tutorials!). This is another of my favorites because it looks a little bit spider-like but still elegant. It was also found on Country Living.

Caramel apples are my favorite thing about fall. We have an apple tree outside our apartment, so we've been making tons of them! These beautiful apples are what inspired the craft, and the website they come from has the BEST caramel recipe. It sticks to the apples and is really easy to make. Click here to get the recipe.

I thought this was a great craft idea. I hate when halloween decorations just look like cheap clutter, and this one definitely does not! This was posted by Becky Higgins on Eighteen 25.

I saw this cute idea on foodgawker today from Jelly Shot Test Kitchen. I love halloween treats!

Happy halloween!

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  1. Thanks Nicole! I do love anything Halloween and I love everything you posted. Those cupcakes look amazing!