Thursday, September 3, 2009

Becca's Wedding

First off, my apologies for the poor quality on these pictures. I'm not sure why they look a little bit grainy. I really need some help when it comes to the technology department. Anyway, My cute friend Becca was married a couple of weeks ago and I was lucky enough to make her cake! Becca has a really fun and bubbly personality which was definitely reflected in the type of cake she asked for. It was made of 350 cupcakes! This idea has become really popular in the area lately. Becca's wedding colors were based off of bright gerber daisies so we had lots of oranges and pinks included in the fondant flowers. Like me, Becca does not particularly like chocolate cake so we did them all vanilla with cream cheese frosting. There was only one actual cake layer that sat atop the cupcake display so that she could still have the traditional "cutting of the cake". While cupcakes may seem simple (they did to me), this cake took SO LONG to make. See the stand they are all sitting on? It's made out of cardboard boxes that my kind mother and I measured, cut, taped, and covered in two layers of fabric. Luckily that was a one time project and I now have a cupcake tower that I can use for more weddings! Also, fondant takes forever to work with. I ended up just buying a pasta machine to make the rolling-out process go faster... but it was a great learning opportunity!

P.S. Special Thanks to my wonderful friend Breanna who helped me transport the cake and set it all up. It is quite the adventure to transport 350 frosted cupcakes on a hot August day. I couldn't have done this without her help!


  1. You are a really, Really, REALLY good friend! And your friends are so lucky that you are really, Really, REALLY talented!!

  2. Wow you are amazing at making those cakes and cup cakes. You have such an amazing talent!

  3. Nicole! Anytime you need semi-professional quality taken of your creations I will surely help - no charge or anything! I've really been exercising my camera and myself lately!

    *Grainy pictures are usually caused by high ISO settings in your camera; like you have the camera set to be extra sensitive to light, but it's light enough in the room for regular sensitivity!*

  4. What would you charge for something like this?