Friday, July 24, 2009

Tami's Wedding Shower

Today marks a very important moment in my life... THE MOMENT I BECAME FRIENDS WITH FONDANT! Or at least acquaintances. Bottom line is, I'm not afraid anymore! I'm so proud of myself. This is like riding the X roller coaster at Knott's Berry Farm for me. The first time I ran into fondant was when I tried making my own (which turned into a dry mess that kept shrinking back into a little ball and refused to be cooperative). I know that Wilton's fondant tastes bitter and frankly would ruin any cake it covers, but at least I had fun with it and at least I know the consistency I should be looking for if I ever tackle the homemade version again.

These cupcakes are not coming with a recipe today because they are just a plain old white cake batter with (big surprise...) cream cheese frosting.

I am so frustrated when it comes to frosting right now. I know how to do cream cheese, Italian buttercream, and chocolate. But what does a girl choose for an outdoor wedding cake? Buttercream is heavenly but will ooze all over the cake if left on its own for more than five minutes. Chocolate = groom's cake = big no no. Cream cheese might work but I'm still hesitant because of the heat. The middle of August just doesn't give me a lot of options! The one that I have had recommended countless times is the Wilton one. I'm not a fan. It has shortening in it and I absolutely hate the filmy feel in my mouth after I eat frosting like that. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be extremely grateful!

Happy 24th of July. Yay for pioneers!


  1. Nicole, I'm so glad you started putting up more delicious-looking food again, it always makes my day and makes me hungry.

    My best friend had his wedding reception outdoors in August last year, so I can ask if they know what was used on their cake.

    Also, what's fondant? (Don't mind that my ignorance is showing...)

  2. These are beautiful and simple! i love it.
    tell me your photography tricks.

    I will do some asking around about heat and frosting!

  3. What gorgeous cupcakes and what pretty pictures!

  4. You are quite the cook! I am so impressed. We need to cook together!